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EPC Consulting & Tax Solutions is an authorized IRS e-file provider that offers tax preparation services for businesses and individuals not only during tax season, but year-round. We can also assist if you’re behind on filing, need an amendment, or simply need a consultation for expert advice. We are an online and mobile based business that caters to your convenience.
Consultation: FREE
Tax Preparation starts at: $250


Our Credit and Financial Consulting Program is designed to educate young adults who need assistance with their credit and/or finances.  Our program focuses on creating positive credit content while simultaneously improving the consumer’s credit score. Clients will be instructed on specific steps that should be taken to help achieve their financial goals. Services will include realistic goal setting, budget setup, and/or removal of any inaccurate, negative, or unverifiable credit information. After graduating from our program, you should fully understand how credit works, how to maintain your prodigious credit, manage your bills, save, and much more! Schedule your credit and financial services today!!!
Consultation: $29
Audit & Enrollment: $129
Credit and Financial Consulting Program: $69/mo

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EPC Consulting & Tax Solutions is a business that focus on the success of our clients. We strive to make each service seamless and effective as our clients is our #1 priority. To help you reach your goals we have have a licensed Georgia realtor apart of our team! 
Realtor, mortgage, and other professional affiliations are offered for our clients seeking home ownership, financing, and/or other services needed to meet their credit, financial, or personal goals!
Have questions about buying or selling your home? We are here to help! Schedule your FREE buyers or sellers consultation with Pennie today!


EPC offers a broad range of services such as credit coaching, seasonal classes, speaking engagements, etc.           Don't see the particular service you're looking for?
Click here and book a consultation! I hope we can be of service to you!

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