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We are a secure online and mobile based business located in Atlanta, Georgia that offers tax preparation, real estate services, and consulting services for individuals or businesses in the areas of credit, accounting, or financial planning. We are a business that is built on integrity and takes pride in a professional and great customer service experience. Our mission is to be a company that teach and change the mindset of young adults on how to become financially fit.


EPC Consulting & Tax Solutions, is an IRS authorized e-filer, which enables us to be among the fastest and most accurate tax preparation companies in the country. In addition, we are also FICO certified and very serious about the knowledge and education of how FICO scores impact the lender and consumer. We provide consulting services for our clients and offer expert advice on credit and financial strategy, planning, and problem solving. Our goal is to help YOU set financial goals and watch you DEMOLISH them! Let’s change your mindset, get you or your business financially fit, and create endless opportunities for you.





Pennie A. Chapple is the founder and CEO of EPC Consulting & Tax Solutions, LLC. She is an accountant, certified credit consultant, Realtor, and tax professional. She is an alumna of Albany State University where she earned a BS in Accounting. She is committed to helping her community and educating young adults on credit, finances, and the importance of building a life towards financial freedom. Her ability to translate financial, tax, and accounting genre is what she is most known for. Pennie simply “keeps it real”.

After growing up in low income housing all her life she never learned about the importance of saving, credit, or understanding taxes. The school system taught a lot of things but the three most important subjects in her opinion were missing. She noticed that people worked just to fit into this ideal group to be popular, known, and socially accepted. Entering a new era of social media, “Instagram balling and social media flexing” quickly became a trend. She learned that people weren’t who they “posted” to be. She thought to herself, “how can I change my community’s mindset?” and “how can I really get people to win, instead of pretending?” After falling into the same mindset years, she became passionate about genuinely wanting to see her peers win.


Pennie started her own company in hopes to inspire and change many lives starting with her own community and generation. Pennie Chapple is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where she currently resides. She believes that “whatever your dream is, every extra penny needs to be going to that.” -Will Smith.


If you are hosting an event and you're interested in having Pennie educate your audience on topics ranging from credit, financing, business consulting, or entrepreneurship, please fill out the form on the contact page or send your inquiry to A call will then be scheduled to discuss the event, the demographic, & other important aspects of your event to ensure it's a good fit for both you & Pennie.

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