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"This past year, I used Ms. Chapple services to file my taxes and the experience was amazing. Ms. Chapple answered all my questions promptly, she provided thorough explanations on matters I was unfamiliar, and she constantly stayed in contact by providing updates without me having to reach out to her. Overall, I do not think my experience could have been any better. I would recommend Ms. Chapple because she makes the tax filing process simple, is great with communication, is personable and professional, sets reasonable fees, and places her clients' interest first. My experience was so pleasant, next year, I plan on retaining her services again and also referring family and friends. Ms. Chapple will go above and beyond in meeting your expectations!"

- Ahmad Crews

"Pennie's professionalism preparing my taxes was like no other. She was extremely competent, informative, and punctual. Pennie continuously kept me updated and walked me through every step to check my own filing status. Pennie was accurate with the refund date and there was no room for guessing. I give Pennie a 5-star rating and will continue to work with her for years to come."

- Shanae Frazier

"Pennie has been a long time friend of mine since high school!  When I learned she did taxes, fixed credit, and can lead you to financial freedom I had to support her like she supports me, and become a client of hers. Since I've became a client 3 yrs ago, I get my taxes done in a timely manner and a quick return every time. Any time I have any type of questions, she takes the time to explain everything to me piece by piece and for that appreciate her as a friend and as a businesswoman."

- Terry McGhee

"Pennie's services were immaculate. She provided me with timely, precise, and cost-efficient services. Her communication skills are outstanding. She kept me in the loop and made sure I understood everything along the way. I would definitely use her services again. I have already referred her to 4 other people!!"

- Lomiesha Paul

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